İzmir-based 1 Mola Turizm is a member of Türsab and is a company that stands out with its experience and quality travel, guidance and transfer services. 1 Mola Turizm’s website for transfer services is izmirairporttransferonline.com. By accessing the site, you can examine the transfer routes, vehicle information, reservation matters, frequently asked questions and answers, detailed information about the company and contact issues in detail, and learn what you are curious about from the right address.


To experience the comfort of Izmir transfer in new model vehicles with experienced drivers, all you have to do is to enter this special site, click on the reservation section and fill in the information requested from you completely. If you make an online reservation through the company’s call centres, WhatsApp line or website before arriving at Izmir Airport, you can get on your luxury vehicles waiting for you as soon as you land at the airport and go to your accommodation comfortably and peacefully.


Customer Satisfaction in Izmir Transfer Services


People who are planning to travel to Izmir can make the plans they need and make their reservations practically with the transfer service options offered by izmirairporttransferonline.com. You can create your appointment with the smart appointment application for a reliable and comfortable Izmir transfer journey without getting bored and without any problems. You also have an alternative to making a reservation by downloading the mobile application and choosing the payment option that suits you. All these features in Izmir transfer services are for customer satisfaction.


24/7 Customer Service


1 Mola Turizm offers high-level customer service to its visitors both 24/7 online and in call centres, both in answering your questions and in information and reservation areas. Customer service reflects its difference with an expert staff where you can get the clearest answers on the subjects you need. Staff working in call centres ensure effective communication by providing services in English, Arabic and Russian languages. It is aimed at foreign customers do not experience any communication problems during the information and reservation stages.


Meet the Equipped Luxury Vehicles


With Izmir transfer services, you will have the opportunity to meet with technologically equipped, luxurious vehicles on intercity and airport routes. You can experience the privilege of applying to a corporate company with a large vehicle fleet. Travelling with Mercedes Vito and Sprinter brand vehicles equipped with the latest technological devices will definitely make you and your loved ones feel confidence, comfort and happiness.


With a complete fleet of vehicles in hygiene, cleaning and maintenance, your round trip transfers to Izmir are provided perfectly. Affordable price guarantees, 24/7 vehicle tracking systems are integral parts of Izmir transfer services. With the planning made specifically for the flight information, it is possible to reach the desired point during the day in a fast and reliable way. With an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff, you will witness that your expectations are fulfilled exactly as you imagine. You have many reasons not to postpone your travel plans to Izmir because of your transfer-related questions.


1 Mola tourism exists to realize your travel plans and solve your transfer problems in the most effective way.

A Comfortable and Peaceful Journey

It makes the best use of our company’s experience. It provides transportation with clean and well-maintained vehicles for our guests who prefer us. It works to make you experience the difference in travelling with us. Our company’s difference; It is in our services that we develop by considering customer demands. Our services are carried out 24/7 with our VIP (special service) vehicles and with the experienced approach of our expert staff who create an undeniable power.

Our company offers a safe, comfortable, quality service with a fleet of vehicles sufficient to meet your personal or corporate vehicle needs.

Appointments accompanied by “Smart Travel Applications” to minimize the error that will occur during the creation of appointments;

  • One direction
  • Departure & Return
  • Arrival Address
  • It is carefully created according to the date and time of receipt.


Offering privileged transportation according to personal needs, Izmirairporttransferonline.com has directed its priority to the satisfaction of its customers in every step from programs prepared for your special days to welcoming service.

Affordable Time Planning

In such cases where the loss of time is not desired, our colleagues, who strive to prevent the loss, make your purchase from the location you specify. Our company, which cares about customer satisfaction, provides our Izmir transfer services 24/7.

Izmirairporttransferonline.com; It provides reliable transportation with our professional team and crowded vehicle fleet. Whether the area where our esteemed guests want to receive service, whether personal or group, is provided reliably after the reservation process is created most correctly. Our company, which improves itself more and more every day, takes more confident steps into the future with the energy it receives from our valued customers.


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